Wrongful death and the cost of a funeral

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Feb 16, 2022 |

Listen to any estate planner and they might tell you how important it is to set aside money for your funeral in advance. It is a time of grieving and having that expense accounted for may help alleviate pressure during that emotional time.

Wrongful death accidents rarely allow for that much notice. They happen to people of all ages due to motor vehicle accidents or workplace incidents. Understanding the costs of a funeral may help you understand the kind of compensation to look for in a wrongful death claim.

Funeral costs in Texas

The National Funeral Directors Association report that the median cost of funerals in the Texas region ranges between $6,405 and $7,334. This range depends on whether a family opts for cremation or burial respectively.

These costs include the estimated service fees of the visitation and funeral service, preparation of the body and prices for the average casket. Some of these costs may be optional, such as embalmings, but some funeral homes require them in order to have an open-casket visitation.

Another cost not included in this estimate is the burial vault as some cemeteries require their plots lined with them before burial. The median cost of a vault is around $1,500 on top of the estimated $7,334 for a burial service.

Recovering these costs in Texas

Dealing with the wrongful death of a loved one is stressful and may feel worse when handling financial obstacles in front of you like insurance hassles. When navigating this difficult, emotional time it is important to have level-headed resources and information to work through the paperwork and grief.