First-in-human study shows promise for SCI therapy

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Feb 14, 2022 |

One of the toughest realities that those suffering from spinal cord injuries have to face is that there is no real cure. Surgery and rehabilitation increase the odds of recovery, but nothing is certain. Those left with permanent motor function loss or even bodily paralysis simply move forward and grow accustomed to their new normal.

As STAT reports, early studies from the Center for Neuroprosthetics in Switzerland show that precise spinal cord stimulation may be the key to recovery from some forms of paralysis.

Electrodes and dorsal roots

Dorsal roots are a part of the central nervous system that feeds information to the brain. Studying how motor neurons fire in non-paralyzed people during activities helped them identify how the brain and dorsal roots communicate.

By stimulating the lower back with surgically-implanted electrodes, each of the three participants has seen encouraging increases in mobility. One of the participants can now stand for almost two hours, move around with a walker and has gained some sensation in his legs.

Each participant suffered similar thoracic SCIs. The study does not indicate how the therapy may help other types of SCIs.

SCI recovery and compensation in Texas today

While this advancement is encouraging, people still have to deal with SCIs with today’s medical tools. Not only do victims suffer physically, but the emotional and mental aspects impact them as well. All of this comes at a financial cost, which may increase the stress of a situation.

By leaning on their resources, victims may have the information and support to seek proper compensation from an insurance or damages claim.