What are the most dangerous complications of crush injuries?

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Jun 03, 2022 |

If you end up in a car crash, it is possible that you will suffer from a crush injury. These injuries can occur any time something with excessive weight or size ends up compressing and crushing part of the body.

But what are the most complicated and dangerous aspects of crush injuries? How can they impact victims?

Crush injuries of the limbs

Up To Date discusses crush injuries in adults. Essentially, crush injuries can have numerous different long-term and short-term complications – some even result in death, if not treated appropriately. These impacts can differ based on whether a victim has a crush injury to the torso or trunk, versus a crush injury of the extremities or limbs.

However, both still have the potential to cause dangerous complications. For example, extremity crush injuries have a high chance of causing cell death and necrosis to the affected limb due to a lack of blood flow and oxygen.

In such cases, it is easy for infection to take hold of the necrotizing tissue. Many will develop gangrene, which may worsen to the point that the limb needs amputation. In some cases, deadly infections like sepsis may occur.

Trunk and torso crush injuries

As for crush injuries to the trunk or torso, the biggest danger involves the organs. Due to the intense pressure and the lack of oxygen, many organs may either shut down or fail. Strain can also cause permanent organ damage even in the event that a life-threatening situation gets avoided. This is why quick action is necessary, as it cuts down on both the chance of fatality as well as the long-term consequences.