Can you expect a fair settlement for hurricane property damage?

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Sep 19, 2022 |

The hurricane season in the U.S. ends on November 30. Although the season has been unusually quiet thus far, you still need to remain vigilant.

Hurricanes have wreaked extensive damage to Texas in the past. If a future storm causes damage to your property, can you expect fair insurance compensation?

Stormy weather

In 2021, Hurricane Nicholas, which struck the Texas coast as a Category 1 storm, was the last of the season. Hurricane Ida was one of the most destructive that year, ravaging parts of southeast Louisiana as a Category 4 on August 29. As she moved on, Ida also caused destructive floods in the Northeast.

Common complaints

In the wake of Hurricane Ida, property owners filed insurance claims as soon as they could. However, many complained of the slow response from insurers. The American Policy Association tracked insurance problems and confirmed delays in payment as the top complaint. There was also a change of insurance adjusters. Some property owners experienced visits from as many as three different adjusters and had to complete new claims each time.

What to do

To prepare for contacting your insurance company to report hurricane damage, take the following steps:

  • Record your losses and take photos of the damage
  • Keep damaged and destroyed items to back up your claim
  • Keep track of your expenses, such as paying to have your damaged vehicle towed away
  • Contact your insurance company and file your claim as soon as possible.

Seek help

Insurance companies always try to protect their bottom line. When your agent gets around to addressing your claim, the settlement offer may be much lower than you expect. This is where an advocate knowledgeable about this kind of claim can work on your behalf to ensure that you receive full compensation for your loss.