A medically consulted injury and the type of crash you experience

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Sep 19, 2022 |

There are many different kinds of vehicle collisions and at some point, you may find yourself the victim of a crash.

Even if a collision is minor and you walk away, you might have a medically consulted injury. What is this and how does it happen?

About vehicle crashes

According to data from the National Safety Council (NSC), crashes between motor vehicles represented 42% of all crashes in 2018. Collisions between motor vehicles and fixed objects such as trees or cement barriers on highways were the next most common kind of crash followed by vehicle collisions with pedestrians. However, crashes between vehicles were responsible for almost 79% of all crash-related injuries that year.

Serious injuries

Medically consulted injuries refer to those that are serious enough to require consultation with a medical professional. In 2019, there were about 4,423,000 such injuries resulting from vehicle crashes, which was a decrease of 2% from 2018.

Prompt medical attention

You might walk away from a minor accident, such as a rear-end collision, feeling nothing more disturbing than jangled nerves. If you are the victim, you should request a copy of the police report, notify your insurance carrier of the accident and call your attorney. However, you should also see a doctor promptly since you might have an underlying injury. In other words, symptoms might not appear for hours if not days and a minor car crash might produce a medically consulted injury after all. If a negligent driver is responsible for your injury, your advocate can go to work to negotiate a full and fair settlement on your behalf.