What you wear can help you prevent common motorcycle injuries

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Jul 31, 2022 |

How often do you see motorcycle riders dressed entirely in black? Or wearing shorts and sneakers? Or riding without a helmet?

Safety is always an issue since motorcycle riders are vulnerable to car-bike crashes. So, how can the choice of wearing apparel help prevent—or at least minimize—common injuries?

Most common motorcycle injuries

Your legs and feet are the parts of your body that are most at risk in a motorcycle crash, representing about 30% of the non-fatal injuries recorded. Consequently, the femur, fibula and tibia are the bones most often broken. And because motorcycle riders instinctively put their hands and arms out in anticipation of a crash, the bones in the wrist and forearm are oftentimes fractured.

Head and neck injuries

Next on the list of most common injuries in a motorcycle crash are head and neck injuries. Some can be relatively minor, but more severe damage can leave you disabled or paralyzed and in need of lifelong care.

Dress for success

First, you should always wear a helmet, preferably one that has Department of Transportation (DOT) approval. Look for helmets with the latest technology. Some even have built-in cameras that provide a helpful rear view. Wearing motorcycle boots will protect your feet and ankles in a crash, and long pants will guard against painful road rash. If you opt for colorful attire, such as yellow, orange or lime green instead of black, you make yourself easier for motorists to see. A colorful helmet is also a good idea.

Help when you need it

If despite all safety precautions, you become involved in a crash, you can rely on legal guidance to help you manage the aftermath. As an injured victim, you can expect maximum compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages and more.