What are some signs of road rage?

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Oct 06, 2021 |

Whether you are traveling on a highway or a back road, you may sometimes see another person acting wildly and driving unsafely.

This kind of behavior is not always obvious at first. Learning to recognize the signs of road rage is important for anyone in control of a vehicle.

Speeding and tailgating

According to NBC News, one of the initial signs of this phenomenon is someone breaking the speed limit. You may notice a driver following you closely, which often includes ignoring traffic signs and lights in order to catch up to where you are. This kind of reckless driving often leads to serious accidents and injuries, such as spinal cord trauma.

Increased angry expressions

After getting close enough to you, an angry driver may also attempt to yell out of his or her window in order to further escalate the situation. Take notice of signs like wide eyes or inappropriate gestures.

You should never step out of your vehicle if a driver with road rage tries to get you to pull over. In some severe cases, he or she may attempt to hurt you with a weapon or other item.

Rapid lane switches

As you drive, you may notice a car behind you swerving in and out of a lane more frequently. This kind of dangerous reaction is actually a sign of road rage.

Aggressive land changes give you and other drivers on the road less time to react, which increases the likelihood of an accident. This is especially dangerous on crowded roads, such as a highway. Noticing these risky actions will help you determine if a car or truck driver is experiencing road rage.