What are some common signs of a spinal cord injury?

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Dec 16, 2021 |

After an injury at work or on a construction site, you may not notice signs of spinal cord trauma right away.

As the days continue, staying alert to the possible symptoms of a serious injury can help you choose what to do next.

Noticing chest problems

According to the Mayo Clinic, you may experience trouble breathing clearly after the initial adrenaline rush from the accident wears off. This can prevent you from noticing how painful your chest muscles or lungs feel right away.

You could even notice some odd secretions that happen when you cough. A loss of sensation and increased numbness in certain areas of your body are other common symptoms of a spinal cord injury.

Frequently losing your balance

If you notice yourself falling down more often or struggling to stay on your feet, then you may be dealing with a sign of spinal cord trauma. This injury often impairs motor skills and your brain’s ability to steady your body, which means you are more prone to feeling off-balance throughout the day.

Although this may not seem dangerous at first, it can lead to even worse injuries if you fall down a flight of stairs or off any high ground.

Struggling with bowel control

After an accident that affects your spinal cord, your brain may not get the signals needed to let your body know that it needs to urinate. Being unable to totally empty your bladder or successfully regulate your bowels is another sign of this health problem.

Not only can this lead to pain and irritation, but you may also notice an increase in kidney stones if this continues. Spinal cord trauma symptoms can severely interrupt many areas of your life.