Insurance tips for recovering from tornado or hurricane damage

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Mar 25, 2022 |

Texans recently dealt with home and property devastation as tornadoes whipped through various cities. The dangerous weather even affected citizens in and around Beaumont as a March 2022 tornado watch triggered school closings and delays.

With the threat of severe storms and the hurricane season, how can southeast Texans work to receive fair compensation after a disaster?

Checking insurance coverage for intense storms

Since southeast Texas sits squarely in “Tornado Alley” and the path of hurricanes, property owners and renters benefit from having insurance. Policyholders should verify with their agent that the terms cover a sufficient amount to restore damaged property.

Making insurance claims

Policyholders should keep insurance current to be able to file a legitimate claim. Insurance companies require proper documentation of storm damage. A survivor should take plenty of videos and pictures of the wreckage and keep ruined items so an adjuster can tally the claim total.

Then a person should report the claim to the insurer quickly, following the company’s procedures. The Texas Department of Insurance offers assistance to guide Texas residents through the process.

Dealing with a denied or delayed claim

An insurance company may deny a claim, stating there is no coverage under the policy. An insurer may even attempt to offer a settlement lower than the sum of the damage. In other situations, an insurance firm may unnecessarily delay processing or paying a claim.

If an insurer acts in bad faith, policyholders can pursue a legal course to move an insurance company to action. Not every attorney focuses on insurance claims, so lawyers experienced in insurance matters are invaluable in such cases.

Since natural disasters are unavoidable, adequate insurance and legal help can help storm victims restore their lives.