How can a plant explosion injure your ears?

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Feb 20, 2022 |

Working around flammable substances like chemicals and oil can be a major risk. Some plant workers suffer burns if they are near an explosion. While you might escape burns or smoke inhalation if an explosion occurs, the sound of major combustion can be loud and inflict damage on your ears.

When an explosion occurs, it can create an acoustic shock that damages the hair cells in your inner ear, which may cause several health problems. A loud sound can also harm your brain. The Cleveland Clinic explains what may happen after a loud explosion injures one or both of your ears.

Problems with your ears

Being close to a loud explosion may cause a variety of earaches from minor to severe. A loud bang can also produce tinnitus, which is a sensation of ringing or buzzing in your ears. Ear problems can also affect your balance. This can be a major problem if you have to drive, operate machinery, or even when you are walking. Additionally, you may suffer temporary or prolonged hearing loss.

Possible symptoms of a serious condition

Damage to your ears can be severe enough that you may need medical treatment as soon as possible or you may suffer a life-threatening condition. You may notice blood or pus leakage from your ear. In addition to severe ear pain, you might suffer from a strong headache. A loss of balance can also signify a major health problem, especially if vomiting accompanies it.

Treatment possibilities

There are a variety of ways to treat your ears depending on your condition. If you have a seriously torn eardrum, you may need surgery known as tympanoplasty to repair it. Another surgery called ossiculoplasty can repair damage to the ossicles, which are tiny bones that assist in hearing. Your doctors may drain blood from your ear if you suffer ear blood pooling.

No matter your condition, you should seek a medical diagnosis as soon as possible. You might prevent permanent damage to your hearing if you act soon enough, depending on the circumstances involved.