Speeding: A fast track to accidents

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Feb 08, 2024 |

Have you ever seen a car zoom past as if it were heading to an urgent life-or-death appointment? It is a frequent event. When these drivers pass other drivers, it particularly scares them. It is rude and dangerous.

It is especially dangerous and can become deadly in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, these accidents are much more common than people think.

Why do people speed?

Believe it or not, people can sometimes speed because of distractions. They may be listening to a great song and pushing the pedal a little too hard. If there is no traffic, that can easily lead to a situation where distraction causes speeding.

The thrill of speeding

Other people speed because of the thrill it makes them feel when they are driving super-fast. The feeling can become addictive, and some people like to feel that they are taking an enormous risk, even if it means risking their lives.

Rush-hour traffic

Another reason people speed is when they are running late to or from work. Most people who commute to work have a window of time when they are supposed to arrive at work.

Unfortunately, life is very hectic these days and many people cannot be on time, especially if their schedules involve other people, such as a spouse or children.

Holidays and events

If a famous pop star is in town for a concert, you can almost guarantee that the traffic will be awful and that people will drive fast and, sometimes, under the influence.

In addition, on holidays like Christmas, New Year’s and other special times during the year, the number of cars on the road increases significantly, with people driving to visit their family members.

If you combine bad weather with other factors, like during Christmas in certain cities, it could lead to a dangerous accident.

Accidents can happen all the time and speeding is one of the most common reasons people get into accidents. Keep this in mind every time you get on the road, because you do not know who will drive past you. Ensure you have your seatbelt on, drive defensively and always keep your eyes on the road