Did your crash lead to a traumatic brain injury?

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Sep 22, 2021 |

When dealing with the aftermath of a car crash, you are likely to suffer from injuries of the head, neck or back, as these places serve as the points on the body most susceptible to damage.

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) will often accompany head trauma. These injuries can manifest quickly and may result in lifelong problems if not treated in a prompt and proper manner.

Physical red flags

Mayo Clinic discusses the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries. They often manifest in mental, physical and behavioral symptoms, all stemming from neurological damage done due to brain bruising or swelling.

First, victims will often experience intense nausea and will vomit frequently and repeatedly. They may also suffer from headaches that worsen or do not go away with time, even progressing into migraines. Partial or full paralysis of some or all limbs may follow.

Mental and behavioral changes

Victims may also experience mental fogginess, confusion, forgetfulness and memory problems. They could struggle to identify their surroundings or the people they know. They may forget the events leading up to the traumatic incident that injured them or forgets details even earlier than this point.

Behaviorally speaking, victims tend to exhibit unnatural levels of aggression and may lash out at others verbally or even physically.

Treating TBIs quickly is crucial, as untreated TBIs have the potential of continuing to swell and cutting off blood and oxygen supply to the brain. This in turn may cause cell death, leading to permanent brain damage. Thus, after noticing any of these signs, one should contact medical care as quickly as possible.